Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a breadth of resources to caregivers, families and patients who are confronting the final stages of life. This is accomplished every single day through your support and our commitment to patient advocacy.

Our Vision

Helping patients stay at home until the end of life has always been the vision of SCHF. For many, however, staying home is not always an option. For these patients, choices are limited, and although hospitals offer quality health care services, most people at the end of life prefer to spend their precious last days in a home like setting with family and friends. In addition, traditional health care facilities are not designed to provide the comfort and intimacy desired for such private and cherished family time.

The Heavenly Home Project offers a unique solution to this problem, providing a place where patients can end life’s journey in a comfortable home-like setting while still having access to medical care they need. 

Our vision for a Heavenly Home will include spacious rooms where family members will be able to visit anytime day or night. The home will also include a quiet room for prayer and reflection, a sun porch, a family dining room and kitchen, a central nursing station, and a director’s office. A garden will invite patients and their families for a stroll outdoors or a much needed break.

How to Give to the Heavenly Home Project

We are committed to realizing our vision, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. We are seeking gifts of cash, stock, property, life insurance or cash-equivalents toward the goal of five million dollars. Naming opportunities are available as an appropriate way to recognize a particular act of generosity. Your gift will touch lives when time is most precious.

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